A Master Chef

Former Bondi FM DJ, Melissa Moore is now playing to a younger crowd at Bondi Public School where she shares her passion for whole foods made well.

I’m the Kitchen Specialist for the Stephanie Alexander Kitchen Garden Program at Bondi Public School. “I see the philosophy of the program as a simple one: grow the food, harvest the food, cook it, and eat it! My job is to translate the lovely veggies and herbs the students grow, with help from the Garden Specialist, into recipes they can cook themselves”.

It can be surprising what kids like to make and eat. Our rocket, silverbeet and potato soup was a huge hit. “Fun recipes like this work well because there’s lots of washing, peeling and chopping which kids love to do, and using the stick blender is another bonus”.

My passions lie in trying to set my children, Ava and Olly, up for a long, healthy life. “I’m a keen advocate for whole, natural foods and go organic whenever I can. I’m also into eating quality, humanely reared, happy animals like the gorgeous stuff from Feather and Bone in Rozelle”.

I try to live as much of a chemical-free life as possible. “This includes banning any nasties from my house like artificial colours, flavours and preservatives, spray-and-wipe, spray deodorant, perfume, antibacterial anything, nano-technology, most sunscreens on the market, most bath-wash (kids’ and adults’) and anything with sodium lauryl/eth sulphate. For anyone remotely interested in what everyday chemicals are doing to you and your family you must, must read: ‘Slow Death by Rubber Duck by EDCa’s Rick Smith and Bruce Lourie”.  

For as long as I can remember, I wanted kids who could behave well in restaurants. “I’m sure that comes from working in restaurants for twenty years. I love going out for dinner as a family, which we do most Friday nights. Ava in particular has started to appreciate this luxury and gets excited about going, and behaves really well”.

“My other family food fav is Sunday lunch at home with our friends, Kerry and Rod. This has become such a tradition. We take turns to organise beautiful food, and of course good wine. They always come to our house, which we really appreciate, so we can slot Ava and Olly’s naps/ meals/ snacks/ bath/ stories/ bedtime into our day. And in the event we miss a Sunday, the Good Weekend quizzes are saved so we can do them all together the next time”.

What I love about motherhood is having the opportunity to be bossy and order my kids about. “Seriously though, it’s no secret that being a mum can be hard yakka. Most days crash by in a flurry of mess and it is only once they are finally asleep, I remember how much I absolutely adore them. I do try every day though to take time out to appreciate what amazing little people they are and how far they have come”.

I wish I could donate a lot more to Medicins Sans Frontieres. It is extraordinary work these wonderful doctors and nurses do for free in the most war-torn and inhospitable places around the world.

Mel blogs on: mayhemofamodernmother.com where you’ll find lots of great recipes, images, reviews and music. She is also on the verge of launching Jam Girls Jams – small batches of handmade, seasonal and organic jams including the best, best chilli jam. Look out for them through Feather and Bone, Food Connect and at Bondi Public’s food market this November.

And if want to get your hands dirty with a little community love… Then Melissa and Garden Specialist, Ligia will gladly take you on board as a volunteer with kitchen and garden lessons, Tuesdays through to Thursdays.



Jam Girls Jams



Author: Sharon Quill

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