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Some highly recommended links for those of you who care about what you eat.


http://www.featherandbone.com.au – Purveyors of awesome meat of provenance and history.

http://www.organicfoodmarkets.com.au – Marrickville Organic Food Markets held on Sunday mornings.

http://www.whatkatieate.blogspot.com – Katy Quinn Davies just won Cosmopolitan mag’s Fun, Fearless Female 2011 award, and rightly so. Lush pictures of sexy food. Other great sites to have a look at – if you dare!

http://foe.org.au – Friends of the Earth regularly release their findings on nano-technology and chemicals in sunscreens available in Australia.

http://ewg.org – Fantastic findings by the Environmental Working Group on all sorts of sheet going on. US based but hugely compelling.

http://environmentaldefence.ca – Environmental Defence Canada is the same as above but based in Canada, still heaps of info. Their motto: ‘Inspiring Change’.

These links are the “likes” of Sydney mum, Melissa Moore. Her blog: http://mayhemofamodernmother.com features beautiful family life, food and music.

Mel is the Kitchen Specialist at Bondi Public School:  http://bondikitchengarden.com / http://www.kitchengardenfoundation.org.au/ and is 1 part of Jam Girls Jams, who produce simply the best tasting jams through Feather and Bone, Food Connect and various markets. You can also follow her @jamgirlsjams on twitter.

Author: Sharon Quill

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