Clifton Gardens

Clifton Gardens is such a special spot. I’m really looking forward to spending time there as the weather gets warmer. Earlier this year I wrote about wonderful chance meeting I had there.

Below is a review from Seana Smith who is one of my favourite resources for many things Sydney and mum.  She’s a really interesting person who’ll be a featured Sydney mum soon. Thanks for sharing this post Seana!

Clifton Gardens: Mosman Council outdid itself when it upgraded the playground at Clifton Gardens Reserve.  This is a glorious hideaway on the north shore, and even better, you can usually get a coffee and something to eat at the cafe at the eastern end.

Hello spring and come quickly summer, we’ll be heading down to Clifton Gardens again soon.

There’s heaps of space and lots of climbing to be done here.

Clifton Gardens Reserve Playground

Morella Street, Mosman

This very modern playground is particularly good for older children, but littler ones will find things to do, especially in the fenced toddler area.  The softball is all sand, so bring beach toys too and the littlies will enjoy a sand play under the shade cloths.

My teenager and his friends enjoy a play here too.  Some of the rope climbing frames are really exciting, as are the very modern seesaws.  There is a liberty swing here, enclosed in its own area.  There are plenty swings but surprisingly none in the toddler area.

Part of the beach is netted, and all of the beach has a very gentle slope.  There is a long jetty which runs out from the beach; this is a nightmare if you have a child who is a bolter however.

There are picnic tables and plenty of shade from the big old trees on the reserve.  Heaps of space for the energetic to play cricket, footie etc, plus the superb playground.

Nearest takeaway coffee: The kiosk/cafe at the east end of the beach.

Toilets: There is a toilet block/changeroom in the middle of the reserve.

Shade: Lots of shade cloths over playground, shade from trees over reserve.

Enclosed: Toddlets section of playground is enclosed but the rest is wide open and close to the water.  You need to be careful of young children/wild children.

Mum’s report: The parking may seem pricey, especially if you stay all day, but this is a lovely spot and you WIll want to stay all day.  I love the views over the harbour to Shark Beach, and the fact there is an enclosed area of water as well as the open beach side.  There’s heaps of space for big parties to picnic in the reserve, to play cricket etc etc.  It’s delightful.

Extras:  There are lots of bushwalking tracks around here, also good snorkelling in the bay.

Map: Click here.

Parking: Pay carpark beside the beach.

Bus stop nearby: Yes

What’s the official name for this item? Wasp’s nest???

The fenced toddler area.

Author: Sharon Quill

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