Camie Lyons told me she’s “a bit frantic at the mo” …between solo parenting (partner away) and working on her solo exhibition for the Tim Olsen Gallery

Camie is certainly an amazing artist and woman. She loves her boys fiercely like a lioness, and her art, well it’s something she just has to do.  “I work whenever I get the chance. You can often find me assembling pieces in the backyard dressed in my pyjamas”. (Sydney mum interview, July 2010, Camie Lyons).

Camie’s exhibition, Wallflower (entering space) opens November 23 and will run until December 11, 2011. The Tim Olsen Gallery is at 63 Jersey Road in Woollahra. Opening Hours:  Tues-Fri 10-6 Sat 10-5 Sun 12 -5 pm

Author: Sharon Quill

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