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I love this wallpaper from Danko Design. It makes me daydream. It’ll be perfect for that funny spot (panel on a built in) in my kids bedroom that desperately needs something spirited. What I especially love though is its responsibility factor.

Sydney mum, Nina Danko, who heads up Danko Design with fellow artist/designer/mama, Moira Corby, passionately supports environmentally conscious living with Australian designed and manufactured goods. “We sell the finest ecologically and socially responsible products” said Nina of their collection. “Our furniture is GECA certified, our rugs are eco, and the wallpapers and fabrics are sustainable”.

GECA stands for Good Environmental Choice Australia, an independent, not-for-profit organisation that runs the internationally recognised Environmental Choice Australia Ecolabelling Program. It’s mission is to help people choose goods and services that are better for the environment.

Nina and Moira are also passionate philanthropists who, along with other charitable efforts, donate up to 10% of every purchase to the non-profit organisations listed on their site. They even let their customers choose the charity that will benefit. “That way every time you get, you also give,” says Nina.

To see more designs or order some free wallpaper samples visit: http://dankodesign.com/product-range/kids/wall-decor/kids-wallpaper



Author: Sharon Quill

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