Movie for Mum

Actually, award-winning documentary YOGAWOMAN, is for all women and kicks off its national cinema release today, Mother’s Day.

I had the privilege to meet writer/director Kate Clere last year. This is her inspiring story. And here’s what being said about Yogawoman:

“I’m really happy and joyous to see such a positive message promoting women. From young kids to women and so many aspects of their life. It’s a movie that promotes the essence of women.”

“Please go see this movie and support it in any way you can. It will lift you up, and it will inspire”.  

Yogawoman is an engaging and inspiring glimpse at how yoga culture has been shaped by the nurturing practice and powerful dedication of women around the world, and how yoga has become a go-to vehicle in helping women navigate the difficulties of modern life”.

Yogawoman Screenings

Author: Sharon Quill

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