Land of the Mountain Apple

Last Sunday we spent a glorious autumn day in ‘the land of the mountain apple’, Bilpin, a 90 minute drive from Sydney. Of course, we picked apples.

Farmer Cedric giving the low down on lumpy apples

On recommendation, we headed to Bilpin Springs Orchard where Farmer Cedric walked us through rows and rows of pear, orange, lemon and apple trees. There were even blueberries. We also stopped by his beehives where he explained about the depleting numbers of bees and the importance of bees to our very existence.

We finished the tour at his dwarf apple trees that were just the right height for the smaller stature farmers visiting that day. After filling our bags and baskets, we filled our tummies under an enormous tree and then just hung out as the kids ran and played and climbed.

It might just be the beginning of an annual tradition. If we do head back next year though it’ll be for a weekend at one of the many affordable BnBs. That way I can also get some chestnut picking in, catch the Mount Toomah Food Festival (Tooroma), and sample a few Bilpin Ciders at the Apple Bar.

Might have to make it a long weekend.


Author: Sharon Quill

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