Is this nuts?

Could a highly organised syndicate, possibly American, be milking the almond content from Australian UHT shelves? Labels are showing disturbing results. In So Good Almond Milk for example, only 2% of its contents is actually almond. Similarly, Own Organic Almond Milk and Pure Harvest Almond Milk have 3% and 11% of the good stuff, respectively.

The only star on the shelf seems to be Almond Breeze, licensed by Blue Diamond Growers in California, which lists ingredients as 96% Almond Milk. Skeptics however question the (filtered water and ground whole almonds) disclosure sitting alongside the near 100% claim, saying this maybe a case of clever copy.

As investigations continue, Mrs Robinson suggests, ‘read your labels’ while many others suggest ‘make your own’ including Food Mama who shared the following recipe on the Almond Milk “rant” by Vegiemix:

DIY Almond Milk: 2 Cups Raw Almonds (soaked for 4+ hours), 2 tbs honey, 4 cups water. Blend all in a high-speed blender for 2 minutes then strain through a fine sieve or cheese cloth.


Author: Sharon Quill

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