Many of you already know today is R U OK Day, a day dedicated to inspiring all people of all backgrounds to regularly ask each other ‘Are you ok?’

Schools, workplaces and media across the nation are helping Australians start conversations that can change lives.

Helping with life changing conversations today are business partners, Gabriella Horak and Wendy Poyser from Better Off With learning (BOWL) who are delivering sessions to thier clients on resilience and stress management in the workplace. They felt compelled to adapt their trainging programs after reading this eye-opening report on how nearly half of all Australian workers would rather quit than deal with workplace issues.

You’ll hear more about Gabriella and Wendy on Sydney Mum soon. But for today, if you aren’t ok, or know someone who could use a little support, go to the R U OK day website or simply say “Are You Ok?” – then listen…


Author: Sharon Quill

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