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Jennifer Peedom is the Series Director of Life at 7, the next instalment to ‘The Life Series’ on the ABC that follows the lives of 11 children as they grow from infancy to adolescence.

Life at 7 will offer its refreshing insight into contemporary family life later this year but Jennifer was happy share a  few of her personal insights prior.

“Being involved in the project has absolutely impacted on my thoughts about parenting. One of the episodes we are doing is about temperament, and it has brought home how children really are born with a particular temperament that remains very stable. Any parent of more than one kid can recognise that when the second one is born! Knowing this has helped me embrace those differences and work with them. I’ve learnt to tailor my parenting to each kid a little better, and work with their strengths”.

Another significant realisation for Jennifer was realising how easy it is to judge other people and their parenting. “Until you actually sit in someone’s home, on their couch, you can never really see things from their perspective. I’d turn up to visit these people with pre-conceived ideas, and in every case, I left with a totally different perspective”.

Catch previous episodes and plenty more interesting stuff here:

Photo by Danielle Smith


Author: Sharon Quill

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