S stands for Seriously? …and other reviews

EPIC movieI saw three films over the school holidays: EPIC and Monsters University (with kids) and Man of Steel (date night, no kids).

EPIC was a brilliant introduction to 3D for my little guys. We were completely sucked into its magical world and are now on high alert for leaf men sightings in our world.

My only concern is the level of combat, which dominated the storyline. It really does surprise me how fighting, and worse, abusive behaviour wrapped in a slapstick bow, is considered ‘every day, ok’ for kids films.  Even in Mr Popper’s Penguins which was a recent DVD hire, there is a punch in the face scene that is supposed to be funny – that my kids thought was funny.    …A rant I’ll have another time.

monsters universityMonsters University: Safe, funny, silly with good old fashioned morals. Yes there are monsters but take a look at them. It was enjoyable and five gazillion times more entertaining and believable than Man of Steel.

Man of Steel…. What can I say… hmmm…  A WTF story line with an unnecessary amount of effects/CGI and a lame excuse as to why S doesn’t stand for Superman which I can’t provide in detail because I was more interested in looking over the shoulder of my neighbour as they flicked through Instagram. In honesty, this isn’t a film we’d normally see but it fit our time slot and we thought ‘can’t be too bad’. And then it was.Mamasan Bondi

Actually, Man Of Steel was way funnier than the other two. We belly laughed all the way out of the cinema so I am grateful our date night ended as fun as it started (at Mamasan bar and we’ll be back for more of that uber cool).

Then we ate rocking Mexican food served by superbly cheeky and attentiEl Topo Mexicanve staff at El Toppo in Bondi Junction. This was a great surprize find as we were on the hunt for a quick bite before the film and was not expecting anything so amazing at a Westfield eatery.

Final word on Man Of Steel: Save your movie money and drink margaritas.




Author: Sharon Quill

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