Was it Melbourne Cup Yesterday?

The race didn’t stop me yesterday. I wasn’t too busy to tune in or even go somewhere, I just didn’t care – which is far from the ‘me’ I used to know.

Adam Spencer smilingIf I look back to 2004 (omg nearly a decade ago) the first Tuesday in November was all I could think about, along with Adam Spencer.

Adam and his co-host Wil Anderson were my favourite radio hosts at the time. They had me rocking, and laughing out loud (it was pre lol) on the bus to work every day while I wrote my ‘to do’ lists for how to make $100k on race day.

Yes, $100,000. A big goal? Not when one child’s wheelchair could cost $20k.

See, I was the event manager of the Variety Melbourne Cup Lunch at the Four Seasons Hotel that year. Trouble was, I was new to fundraising. My previous events involved government orgs where, well, you know, you could use what you needed in order to look good and get the message across. This 500 people sit down however was low budget and high stress.

power chairAt least I could start my mornings with a laugh. Then something terrible happened.

Adam and Wil announced they were calling it quits from Triple J  – just when I needed them the most. So I went to the website to clarify and suddenly the glass was full again.

The team were calling for suggestions as to how they could use their powers for good before their breakup. Without hesitation I emailed Adam and asked if he would be our host and he said “yes”!

Adam was my first awesome celebrity to sign up in support of Variety, the Children’s Charity and he really made the day so entertaining. He did it for free, a whole Melbourne Cup day – not with his friends or girlfriend, not with his colleagues doing a sweep – but working, entertaining, making people happy so they would be happy to support children in need.

Sydney Coastrek 2011

Adam Spencer trekking for Fred Hollows Foundation

Adam is a great supporter of charities. He is an ambassador for the Fred Hollows Foundation and lists others he likes here: http://adamspencer.com.au/goodstuff

He is also exactly a month off hanging up his headphones forever so if you’ve never had the chance to listen, here you go: Adam on Breakfast – Enjoy him while you can.

Adam, if you ever read this, thanks again for making a difference on Melbourne Cup day nine years ago, and for helping me to fake it for the right reasons. I’m glad you’re finally going to hang out with your family in regular hours and sleep longer than 3.20am – like ‘til 5.00am when the kids get up.

Cheers to you.


Author: Sharon Quill

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