Recovery – Relief

SES crews were placed on high alert this morning following reports of vibrations felt throughout NSW. Teams were quickly stood down again however after the source of the vibrations was identified as the collective sigh of relief from parents across the state with children returning to school.

The phenomenon, barely recognised during midyear sojourns, is often marked with a sigh followed by a long period of silence as thoughts are collected again for the coming year.

One eastern suburbs parent described her experience of relief as ‘overdue’. “Don’t get me wrong” she insisted “we had a fantastic holiday. I feel totally reconnected as a family but perhaps a little too much.” Other parents agreed the six week break was long but were unable to comment further due to impending deadlines and workloads waiting at their next destination.

It is not expected the sighs will be as pronounced from parents in rural communities but officials have been briefed with supportive responses for Wednesday 5 February when students in the far west of NSW begin their first day of term.

Author: Sharon Quill

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