Elena Ballatore | Naturopath

Elena is a naturopath, a loving mother of two, and most of all a very passionate human being.

Mortarshutterstock_132422279Her searching spirit is like an unquenchable thirst that pushes her to always enhance herself. This translates in her practitioner life in nights of reading and studying, guided by the joy of offering better health to her beloved patients.

Idealist as she is, after the birth of her first child eleven years ago, she left her career as a lawyer to pursue the healing profession!

She completed her degree in Naturopathy in Europe and started her clinic.

In 2010 Elena felt an inside call to Australia.

Her patients in Milan let her go with some tears…  Now her mission is here in Sydney, to help children, teenagers and their parents to live a happier, healthier life.

In 2012 Elena also got the Australian Diploma in Naturopathy, quite a rare combination to have.


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Author: Sharon Quill

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