Vashti Harper | Life Coach

Vashti is a Coach, Writer and Speaker. She is also a Mother, an escapee from the corporate world and an avid backpacking traveller when she gets the chance.

Keen on keeping fit and healthy you can find her at the beach most of her free time, swimming in the sea pool, improving her barefoot soft sand running or stretching it out at a local yoga class. She’s also just bought her 1st surf board and has challenged herself to be riding a wave  screeching with delight by the end of the year.  She’s also very partial to her morning coffee. Do not disturb beforehand.

Vashti has been Coaching (men & women)from the heart for a number of years. If you’re keen on details, she’s an Advanced Practitioner of Life Coaching, qualified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Eriksonian Hypnosis and Sub-conscious reprogramming. You can also add in considerable life experience from travels around the world, ridiculously varied employment, motherhood and learning directly from some amazing thought leaders.

Most importantly, Vashti likes to have fun and wants everyone to enjoy their life as much as she does!

Listen to how Vashti found her true passion in life on the Sydney Selfie podcast:

Author: Sharon Quill

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