Oscars and Opportunists

Cate at OscarsI turned to the woman beside me in the darkened room and grabbed her hand. We knew we had just witnessed ‘extraordinary’ together and were without words. It was an unexpected lady date scenario.

But we had just watched Cate Blanchett play her complex, awkward, insightful character in Blue Jasmine and we were gobsmacked at her brilliance. As if she wouldn’t win an Oscar for that performance.

My date was with my dear friend, Janny who’d won tickets to see the film at La Premiere and chose me to be her lucky number two. I actually missed the first few minutes of the film, buying a ‘thank you’ glass of Pinto Gris at La Premier’s tad expensive bar, but from the moment I snuggled back into the plush settings I was taken away with Cate and her co-stars.

My love for this Australian mum is equally as great off screen. She is an inspiring woman who takes a stand for numerous charities and will, at any widely covered opportunity, bring to light important issues near to her heart – like in her latest Oscar speech where she took Hollywood by the ear and pointed to the obviously out of date idea that “female films with women at the centre are niche experiences”.  She also took a moment to have an ‘in joke’ with Julia Roberts.

cate-blanchett-sag-awards-red-carpetDid you see this gif making the rounds of Cate on the red carpet at the SAG awards where she later won Best Actress?

So congratulations Cate. I love your work and opportunist ways.

And, I love you too, Janny, who took me out for a film then engaged me in the serious business of swapping our kid’s Aussie Animal Cards over a scrumptious Japanese dinner.



Author: Sharon Quill

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