Angel Fix?

It was that recent rainy Friday when I decided to put the new second-hand IKEA bookshelf together for kid’s room. Mr Q was a week out from exams and completely unavailable to assist in the transformation of the boy’s room so I put on my ‘Catherine Tate, I can do that’ attitude and set to work.

The assembly was going surprisingly well. It was looking just like the lovely new ones on the IKEA site. Until the last section …the last manoeuvre that secured pretty much EVERY OTHER PIECE.

The patient, Mrs DYI  malformed into a sweaty, desperate housewife. Nearing defeat, I cried through clenched teeth “if there is an angelAngel Astrology 101 for fixing things, PLEEEASE fix this now”. Then BAM! That stubborn, stupid, annoying, pathetic little piece of wood slotted into place like a jigsaw puzzle.

Is this what people call a divine intervention? Could there be an Angel for fixing things?

Here’s what co-author of freshly published, ‘Angel Astrology 101’, Yasmin Boland, had to say:      “There is an Angel for everything. In your case, being a Leo, your main guiding angel is Raziel.        So if and when you’re having issues, a shout out to Raziel should usually do the trick!”

I let you know how things go with Raziel and if you’re interested in getting a taste of your own Angel Astrology: enter your birth dates here.

And for those dubious, next time you’re driving around looking for a spot, ask for the parking angel to help you out with the perfect park or try putting an IKEA bookshelf together by yourself.

Author: Sharon Quill

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