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sos womensservicesYou may have already heard about the changes to NSW Government funding that are resulting in the closure of many Sydney women’s refuges. The deadline to change this decision is looming and needs support.

What is this about?

From July this year, women-only services in Sydney will not be able to tender as women-only, and the tenders have not allowed for the women’s services expertise and client numbers. This will result in the closure of up to 20 women-only specialist refuges in Sydney who care for women who are homeless and at risk of homelessness due to drug and alcohol dependency, mental illness, and abuse.

SOS Save Women’s Services is advocating to the Government to return $6 million in funding cuts to inner Sydney and to continue funding the women’s specialist homelessness services.

You can help them by letting Minister Upton, Premier Baird and the other MPs know this is unacceptable, and everything you need to do that is here:

Author: Sharon Quill

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