Marketing God

004I have to hand it to the Anglican marketing team at St Johns in Maroubra. You have caught our interest in your ‘How To Love Your Dragon’ kids club on these school holidays – or at least your postcard in the mail has.

I love a bit of marketing and so much of this is attractive. For me the price point of $35.00 for a week was quite impressive. My boys, being fans of the movie, ‘How To Train Your Dragon’, loved your art work.

Unfortunately, I don’t have time to explain the nature of faith, the various religious beliefs of the world, and the importance of critical thinking before the holidays otherwise I might book them in for “all kinds of Viking fun”.

Please don’t take this as critical, we are simply, ‘not of the faith’. I am however, a huge believer in the power of marketing and imagine your campaign will be hugely successful.

Author: Sharon Quill

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