The Hardest Drop Off

ID-10035728 ‘Tis the time of the year when many mums have to take their kids to school for the first time and, what’s worse, they have to leave them there.

“Will they be fine?” We find ourselves wondering as if we were embarking them on a journey of no return yet we’ve all been to school and know that it’s not a big deal. So why is it so hard?

The start of school marks another degree of separation between mother and child, like the first day of childcare, stopping breastfeeding, or birth itself. Parting from someone we love so dearly cannot but be painful and it is perfectly normal to feel sad, worried and teary. So, don’t feel silly if you can’t stop from crying: it’s just love showing up.

At the same time, if on the one hand we are asked to let our kids go, on the other hand, I say this is the moment to focus even more on our relationship with them. It is important they know we are still there for them and the best way of doing it is by keeping the communication channel open: ask them about their day, how they feel, things you can do to support them and listen, listen, listen.

Taken from this point of view, what may seem a detachment is instead the beginning of a new stage of bonding.

And don’t worry – it will be 3pm before you know it!

Luciana De Michiel


Author: Luciana De Michiel

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