What are you cooking up this year?



chocolate souflWell here we are again, another new year and another set of resolutions that may be already be slipping? Or maybe you haven’t quite got around to starting your new regime yet? All the pressure to make changes and ‘be better’ can leave you feeling as deflated as Soufflé that came out of the oven too soon.

How about this year taking a different emotional recipe and making the main ingredient gratitude? Now stop rolling your eyes and muttering, think about this for a moment


What we focus on, is what we get. When you’re searching on Google you type in exactly what you want and up come the results. Your mind works the same way. That’s why it’s so important to focus on what you DO want in your Life. So before you start looking forward to 2015, let’s pause for a moment and do a little exercise.

that is a quillGrab yourself a piece of paper and list the months of the year down the side leaving a couple of lines between each one.  Starting with January, ok, maybe February, and list all the good experiences, achievements or events that made you really happy.

Make sure you include the small wins too like finally inviting your neighbours round for dinner, increasing your weights and reps at the gym or seeing your favourite band. Take some time doing this as remembering it makes you feel good. It also gets you focussing on the positive which, just like your favourite dish, is something you want MORE of right?

Once you’ve amped up the gratitude dial you’re in a good place to translate that to the coming year and start planning for more of all the good stuff. Let’s call this “Goals that you’re working towards” Start by writing them down. Getting goals out of your head and onto paper is the first step to making them more real. Just like any recipe for success you need the right ingredients, so make all your goals S.M.A.R.T.

Specific: get really clear, don’t just write “I want a new job”. What type of job? Where? What position? You want to travel? Which countries?

Measurable: give yourself mini goals along the way to track your progress and keep you on target. This will also help to keep you motivated

Achievable: don’t set goals so high that they are impossible to obtain. Give yourself the chance to succeed. This will give you more confidence in yourself to stretch you further.

Relevant: make your goals fit in with your big picture plan. If you want to buy a property for example, maybe some of the first steps are starting a savings plan, getting a raise, or taking the next career move to earn more money.

Timed: fixing dates into your plans will give them more structure and help you keep track along the way. This helps you break big yearly goals like saving, weight loss or training for an event into monthly and weekly chunks, small steps feel a lot more achievable and can add up to big wins over time..

Most importantly keep taking actions to move you forward and don’t give up!

Incorporating all these ingredients into your New Year plans could see you cooking up your best year yet. Until those neighbours start singing again…




Author: Vashti Harper

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