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Two years ago, my partner, our then four year old and I moved to Northern NSW from Sydney. We arrived in the midst of a mini cyclone, an appropriate start to our goal of living close to the land and its elements.


On the second day of living in our rental property, we found a snake skin right outside our back door and suddenly felt like true city slickers who’d wandered into a land they knew nothing about. It was a huge move but its been more wonderful than we ever dreamt it could be and we’ve never looked back.

We came hoping for a healthier lifestyle and conscious living folk and in this time, we have found it and more. Within a short space of time, I met many other parents with similar parenting practices and desires for their children and developed deep friendships very quickly. Our son goes to a Rudolph Steiner school which is the education we wanted for him, full of nurturing, creativity and a love of nature.

IMG_5020I am blessed to be a stay at home mother and have the time and space to explore my love of gardening, textile art and natural dyeing.  Recently, I have joined a handmade artisan collective where I have the opportunity to sell my creations and be among a supportive, inspiring, artistic community.

Daily, I experience wonders from the blue tongue lizards hiding in our shoes to the fruit bats flying over our garden in a darkening sky each night to spending Sunday mornings dancing at a 5 rhythms class in a church all with my tribe of loving people. Due to this community and land which is known for its healing, I feel I have grown fully into the woman and mother I desired to be and I am truly grateful.

In two years, I have moved from a small house in Sydney with overdevelopment knocking on our door, daily parking frustrations and working in a maximum security gaol to living in a small town with an open-hearted community and working as a textile artist.

I still get a thrill when I park right outside the supermarket :).

Most importantly, my son is living the life I dreamt for him – one of exploring creeks, living amongst wildlife and getting on the school bus where the driver knows his name and drops him off at our door. So many moments of wonderfulness.

It’s not all bliss and cheap avocados, work is challenging to find so my partner sometimes needs to work interstate, the cost of living is no cheaper than Sydney and I sometimes miss my long-term friends who know all my history but after many years of feeling stuck and stagnant in Sydney, I am now living my dream. I found my tribe. I found my home.


Buy Christine’s vintage and Japanese inspired designs here: Made in Mullum and on her page: Artemis Designs 

Author: Sharon Quill

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