Stressed before the bell? Then eat your veggies!

BokChoyIf you’re feeling tired and stressed before the 9 o’clock bell you might be, aside from a mother, magnesium deficient.

Stress, physical and emotional, can cause magnesium deficiency and to return the favour, magnesium deficiency can magnify stress levels.

Good news is all you have to do is eat your veggies! Just as your mum told you to. Of course, no vegetable is the same so let me tell you about a bunch that are an every day must – the leafy green.

They are a great source of energy, good for a magnesium (stress level) boost and help to prevent nutrient deficiencies and serious illnesses.

We are talking: Kale – Spinach – Silver beet – Bok choy – Lettuce – Rocket etc. If it’s green and leafy then it’s recommended you eat at least half a cup each day.

Magnesium at a Glance

  • Required by more than 300 enzymes in the body for energy, metabolism, muscle contraction (for relaxation/sleep) and protein synthesis.
  • It alkalizes the body.
  • It contributes to Calcium metabolism therefore bone structure.
  • Is important for nerve transmission, heart and smooth muscle contraction, insulin release and activity.
  • Decreases blood pressure.

One of the main reasons is they hold a high amount of chlorophyll, which give the leafs their  green colour but also contains Magnesium. That’s what makes this green the winning gold.

What’s more a cup green leafy goodness is a great source of fibre that has no calories and cleanses the gut and favours colonisation of the bowel by good bacteria.

It’s good stuff that keeps you going.


 Elena is a naturopath, a loving mother of two, and most of all a very passionate human being.

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Author: Sharon Quill

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