It’s the time of year when romantic relationships get pushed in your face.

red heart on the palms of a womanWhether it’s the red roses, chocolates and cards in the shops, ladies being called to reception to claim their extravagant bouquets to then display smugly on their desks, restaurants filled with ‘tables for 2’ or your single and married friends lamenting the lack of love and romance in their lives, you’d have to hide under a rock to avoid it!

However much you love it, hate it, or couldn’t give a monkeys about it, one thing is for sure: The relationship you have with yourself is the LONGEST one you will ever have. So make it a GREAT one!

This Valentine’s Day, no matter what your Love status is, I invite you to choose LOVE, Self-Love, big, bold, beautiful loving of yourself, because believe me, it’s a much nicer head space to be in.

In other words, speak kindly to yourself. Use words in your self-talk that support you and encourage you exactly the same way and with the same kindness that you would speak to a child or your best friend.

Treat your body well, it has to last you a long time, so move it gently daily, supply it with nourishing whole foods and be grateful and thankful for everything that it IS rather than focussing on what it’s not. Dress your body with clothes that feel good to you, that allow your own beauty to shine through.

Loving yourself, speaking kindly to and about yourself and treating yourself well can be an alien concept for many people. Try it out, practice every day and leave yourself little reminders around the house. This Valentine’s Day give some serious Love and attention to the best relationship of your life. YOU!

rsz_1vashti-haperVashti Harper is a Coach, Writer and Speaker.

She is also a mother, an escapee from the corporate world and an avid backpacking traveller when she gets the chance. 

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Author: Vashti Harper

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