Joni’s Sea Glass Sensations

I find all my sea glass off Sydney beaches. It feels like I’m giving back and helping the environment by taking what used to be rubbish and turning it into a keepsake.

I’ve been making recycled jewellery for about three years. I’m an artist and before jewellery I was painting, acrylic and on canvas, then I moved to charcoal on canvas which I think is my strongest talent but finding time to pull out messy canvas and charcoal is hard with four kids. With wire jewellery however, I can sit and watch TV with the kids or listen to them read and still work so it makes sense to carry on with that.

On the nights when I manage to stay awake after the kids are in bed I spend an hour or two trying to create pieces. I have a table in my room with everything splashed out across it. It looks like chaos but I know where everything is.

Finding glass that looks similar to another piece is the hardest part, especially for earrings. I’ve spent many hours sorting the sea glass into colour, shape and size but I enjoy that process almost as much as the jewellery making.

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Author: Sharon Quill

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