ATO reveals Australia’s richest and poorest suburbs, highest earners…

How do you feel about your suburb information being available to everyone? I’m torn. It looks a great resource but do we all need to know how many people are on benefits in certain areas?

I heard an interesting story on The American Life podcast about a town called Kankakee, which became the butt of a joke by David Letterman because it was nominated America’s worst place to live in 1999. The “research” and joke still effects the town today.

Here’s the story in part with link to read more via

AUSTRALIA’S richest and poorest suburbs, highest earners and most charitable regions have been revealed with the release of the Australian Taxation Office’s annual Taxation Statistics report for 2012-13.

The postcode with the highest average taxable income of $177,514 was 2027, which includes the Sydney suburbs of Darling Point, Edgecliff, HMAS Rushcutters and Point Piper.

The postcode with the lowest average income of $21,691 was 2403, taking in north-eastern NSW town of Delungra and surrounding suburbs Gragin and Myall Creek.

Surgeons again topped the list of highest earning occupations, with a mean income of $361,202. The ACT was named the most charitable region, with just over 100,000 people claiming $62,707,20, for an average donation of $261 per resident.

“Compiling Tax Stats is a significant undertaking each year,” ATO Second Commissioner Andrew Mills said in a statement.

“It adds to our picture of the Australian community, showing the spread of taxable income across the country, sources of income and data about business and work-related expenses.

“We make the data available for researchers and the broader community to improve the understanding of Australia’s taxation and superannuation systems and how they operate within the broader environment.”

The Taxation Statistics presents an overview of 2013 income tax returns for individuals, companies, superannuation funds, partnerships and trusts. It also covers other aspects of the tax system in relation to the 2013-14 financial year, including the GST, excise systems, fringe benefits tax, PAYG and the superannuation system.

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Author: Sharon Quill

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