Luciana De Michiel: Emotion Counselling

Lucinda - Emotion Counselling“Recently I found myself mentally browsing through my clients’ profiles, their faces, their stories: mums, stressed mums, business women, lovely ladies, adventurers, and shift workers… 50 shades of pink I could say.

I have always considered myself lucky because so far I have only had very good clients: functional, intelligent, goodhearted, committed women. It doesn’t get any better in this profession.

Yet they all come with a load of troubles, concerns and grief that brings them (and me) to tears; we walk their way out together and it is never easy, like trying to steady a boat during a storm. But they always make it through and look back at me with a grateful fresh new smile, and that never ceases to amaze me. 

At the end of the day, what they have in common, it’s not their problems, but the determination to get rid of them”.  

You can read more about Luciana’s client stories here

Author: Sharon Quill

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