Learning to Love my Selfie

It’s been a long standing family joke about my ability to take a good photo, or rather, anyone being able to take a good photo of me.  Christmases, weddings, birthdays – I can pull an awkward face for any occasion. My ‘throw away funny’ explanation is that “I am a catwalk model not a cover girl”. Ha ha ha ho ho ho.

Professionally, to make up for being a catwalk model, I’ve selected various guises.

And here I am on LinkedIn.

This money shot is the one that received this loving feedback from a friend “Shaz, if I didn’t know you I would be wondering if you had suffered a stroke”. Given she’s a talent scout and that the first rule of LinkedIn is to have a decent headshot, I asked my accomplished photographer and niece, Kate-Disher Quill, if she could have a go at snapping something decent.

Of course I still managed to pull some familiar faces:

But a few made the grade. What do you think? To be honest I’d rather like being incognito but I do realise I need to like my selfie a little more. So here I am.

How about you? Are you more catwalk or print model? How do you like your selfie?

Author: Sharon Quill

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