Modibodi vs ‘lady leaks’

Sydney-based mother-of-three Kristy Chong was constantly irritated with her under-performing underpants, and set about creating a product that would support women who suffer bladder weakness and breast milk leaks, as well as during their period. 

‘While I was overseas training for a marathon, my underwear wasn’t protecting me against bladder weakness which I had following my second child, and I was missing underwear that looked good, was comfortable, and could protect me by replacing the panty liner,’ Kristy told Daily Mail Australia.

Kristy Chong created an underwear option for women that liberates them from panty liners and leaks

‘I spoke to family and friends and found I wasn’t alone in my frustrations with the options available.’

Following Kristy’s ‘a ha’ moment, she set her mind on developing a specially designed underwear option for women that liberates them from panty liners and leaks.

She spent the next two years consulting with over 100 textile engineers in Australia and the US, and 18 months performing extensive scientific tests to develop the most effective fabric technology.

In 2013, after teaming up with leading Australian lingerie designers and manufacturers, the final product was released – Modibodi underwear.

Kristy said the launch of the range was celebrated among buyers, and the feedback has been amazing.
‘Most women would say ‘oh my god I never thought about this, I need that’, as they would just regularly put up with failing underwear,’ Kristy said.

The collection has something for every woman at every stage of her life including active, maternity and curvy.

Passionate about improving the lives of all women, and for every purchase over $100, Kristy donates a pair of underwear to the ‘Days For Girls’ feminine hygiene kits distributed to women in need both in Australia and surrounding countries such as Papua New Guinea.

Full story: Modibodi underwear promises solution to embarrassing ‘lady leaks’ | Daily Mail Online

By Tina Brodal For Daily Mail Australia



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