Letter to “the Devine”

A Sydney mother’s on point response to Miranda Devine’s article: Only Adam Goodes can stop crowds from booing’ in the ‘Daily Telegraph’

hand mirror

This crowd will not ‘fall back in love with you’ Miranda


From time to time life offers us as individuals and as nations defining moments. Moments where we can choose to either stand up and name and shame societal ills, or remain silent and thereby be complicit in their continuation.

Adam Goodes chose to stand up in one of these moments and hold up a mirror to our nation showing us the covert racism that is still alive and well in some circles.

It is those individuals who can’t bear what they see in that mirror who I believe now feel the need to boo and bully and destroy such an inspirational man.

Miranda, for you to turn this great opportunity for our nations’ growth into a poorly reported story about ‘dobbing’ and ‘sooking’ and Adam needing to ‘earn the love of the crowd back’ is inconceivable.

Shame on you Miranda not only for your appalling journalistic standards but most of all for using your public platform in such a destructive way. What do you see in that mirror?

by Martine Beaumont

Author: Sharon Quill

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