fear changeLike many Sydney Mums I love my morning coffee, it’s become a real habit (did someone say addiction!) since I moved here. One of the things I love are the quirky and original styles of the cafes. One thing recently caught my eye and got me thinking.

It was a big glass tip jar up on the counter. Nothing too unusual about that, except there was large hand written label taped to the jar reading “if you fear change, leave it here!” Very witty and apt.

Most people really DO fear change and avoid it if they can. Many times you see people being very uncomfortable in their situations, but they stay with it because it’s the devil they know.

What is it that we’re so scared of? Is it the uncertainty and the not-knowing how things are going to be? Is the fact that whether it’s desired, or forced change, it normally pushes us right out of our comfort zone, forcing us to step up to the challenge and actually put some effort in.

I believe it comes down to FEAR! Fear is so crafty, it sneaks up on us in many ways, and it’s so important to recognise it for what it is. A mean old glue that wants to keep us stuck where we are and stop us from growing and evolving, which is what we’re here to do!

The sooner we can alter our perception of change from fear into one of opportunity the more resilient we can become. Change is inevitable, so we may as well embrace it with open arms and a knowing wink that says ‘ah, you again!

Change is an opportunity for growth, a chance to try something new and see how it works.

Can you imagine a life without your smartphone and all it has to offer? We can even go shopping on it and buy products from the other side of the world! And that’s just one example of how far we’ve come by exploring and changing our technology.

Imagine if you never got to choose to change partners, or jobs or homes or friends? Doing all of those things can be scary because we are stepping into the unknown, but THAT is where the treasure lies. That’s where we get the opportunity to ask ourselves what we really want and to do something different.

Remember also, that even if things don’t turn out quite how you planned, at least you’ve tried and you will have learned something new. You can then take that information and adjust your actions accordingly moving forward.

The fear is all made up in our head. We over think and create all the scenarios of what could happen, rather than getting on and dealing with what IS happening.

So make change your friend, ‘change’ your thoughts to it being an opportunity for growth, to discover more of who you are and finding what makes you happy on the inside. And who doesn’t wasn’t more of that?

Vashti Harper

Vashti is a Coach, Writer and Speaker.

She is also a Mother, an escapee from the corporate world and an avid backpacking traveller when she gets the chance.

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Author: Vashti Harper

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