Maid Melissa and her Vikings

“I have always been intrigued by medieval history.  At the medieval faire, I can work with the beautiful jousting horses and combine my passion with 14th and 15th Century history.
I also love to sew so it’s a great chance for me to wear the medieval gaimage1rments I sew.  My kids who are 11 and 8 also love the medieval faire.  They get to catch up with their friends and they all go marauding about as a pack of little Vikings!”
Melissa Nash is talking about the St Ives Medieval Faire held at St Ives Showground on the Northern Beaches. This year the unique Faire runs for the first two days of the school holidays, 19-20th September.
The main attraction at the historically accurate faire is the jousting, which is performed on horseback in full metal armour.  This year the jousters will be using solid wooden lances, an exact re-enactment of how jousting was performed in the 15th Century.
There will also be full-flight birds of prey demonstrations, historic battle re-enactments, a life-size trebuchet cannon, a medieval village and a Knight’s Academy for the kids.  The kids program looks fantastic:
Check out all the activities here: St Ives Medieval Faire  
Saturday 19 and Sunday 20 September
Medieval Faire at St Ives Showground.

450 Mona Vale Road, St Ives

Author: Sharon Quill

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