Happy Wholesome Halloween

Who would think Halloween could be so wholesome? But ours seems to be turning out that way. Yesterday the kids had a Halloween mufti day at school and everyone looked fantastic. It was great to see the teachers dressing up and having fun on World Teacher Day too.

Tonight we are heading to child friendly Halloween Disco which is also a fundraiser for a family in need. It’s going to be fun check it out: Rocking Halloween

And last night we started a new tradition, thanks to our American friend and pumpkin carving officiardo. Yes! We carved pumpkins and it was fun and easy.

Here’s how easy:

  1. Get the kids to draw their designs
  2. Adults carve out a lids
  3. Everyone scoop out the middle. Surprisingly there’s not a lot going on inside a Halloween pumpkin. Save the seeds for roasting.
  4. Draw designs on to the pumpkins
  5. Carve the faces
  6. Candles in
  7. Lids on
  8. Boom: Happy Halloween!

It was such a lovely night. I’m so pleased this Halloween business isn’t all ghouls and lollies.

Author: Sharon Quill

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