How does your garden grow?

magpie chickHurrah! The sun is here. The birds are singing and it’s that time of year when visitors ask  “why do those people have sticks protruding from their helmets?” as they stare puzzled at cyclists passing by. Yes, spring, the joyous time of renewal, birth and realising you’ve eaten too much over winter to put your swimmers on in public yet.

Traditionally it is also the time to clean out the old to make way for the new. One of the most beneficial places that we can do this is in our mind. Left to its own devices it thinks about 80% of the same thoughts that it thought yesterday, scary eh? And being that our thoughts create our reality it’s very important to be vigilant on our pruning.

Picture this, if you started a garden or veggie patch from scratch (your goal, plan, dream) you’d spend some time clearing the space first right? Digging up old roots that stubbornly persist (your beliefs) even though their growing days have long since past. You might need some new clothes or tools to do the work (ideas), if you didn’t have them yourself you could ask a friend or neighbour if you could borrow from them. You’d spend time planning what you wanted to grow and where would be the best place to plant for the optimal results. Maybe you’d need to do some research and read books on the topic, or you could go to your friends who already had great blooming gardens and ask them how they did it.

spring blossomAt this point in time you may fall victim to the cliché of “the grass is always greener on the other side” as you compare your own patch to others. Remember, that you’re simply looking at the end result, you’re not seeing all the hard work they had to do to get there.

Many lessons can be learned from nature along the way as you develop your little section of paradise. There will be disappointments. Some things you plant won’t develop and grow. Should you give up at that point? Hell no! Learn from what you did, move on, focus your attention on the things that are working and try again.

You will almost certainly learn that you will need some strong boundaries to your garden. Certain things can spread out of control if they’re not contained and it’s good for your friends and visitors to know where the veggie patch ends and the garden begins. You wouldn’t want them to tread all over something precious would you?

Certain special plants may need to be protected and kept very safe, after all your hard work on developing and growing you wouldn’t let just anyone in to take the fruit. You would choose carefully who you shared the jewels with. (Your heart)

feel-good-sunshineThen there’s the weeding. They grow so quickly and would rapidly take over if they weren’t sought out and removed on a daily basis (negativity). Think of weeds as being all those pesky little thoughts that creep in to stop you and hold you back, all the excuses of why you ‘can’t’.

And one of the most interesting things that we can learn from nature in the garden is this, some things have to grow through a huge pile of $hit first before they see the light of day and truly blossom. So, as the birds cheep in the trees and you dream of your new life, goal or veggie patch remember this “the grass is always greener where YOU water it”

Words by Vashti Harper

Vashti HarperVashti is a Coach, Writer and Speaker. She is also a Mother, an escapee from the corporate world and an avid backpacking traveller when she gets the chance.

Vashti has been Coaching (men and women) from the heart for a number of years. If you’re keen on details, she’s an Advanced Practitioner of Life Coaching, qualified in Neuro Linguistic Programming, Eriksonian Hypnosis and Sub-conscious reprogramming. You can also add in considerable life experience from travels around the world, ridiculously varied employment, motherhood and learning directly from some amazing thought leaders. Most importantly, Vashti likes to have fun and wants everyone to enjoy their life as much as she does!


Author: Vashti Harper

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