Lou has my vote this Sydney Comedy Fest

Vote Lou PollardWhen Joe Hockey left politics, comic Lou Pollard stood as a candidate for the by-election in his blue-ribbon Liberal seat of North Sydney.

Many of her friends thought she was joking when she decided to run for the newly-formed Arts Party as their first-ever candidate, but her teenage daughter told her, “At least you’ll get a good comedy festival show out of it mum.”

From the ballot declaration where Lou sat behind Clive Palmer and beside Fred Nile, to kissing babies and watching the Liberal party million dollar campaign budget being spent, Lou takes us on a journey through the heartland of a one-party preferred conservative-voting electorate.

Laugh out loud as Lou gives the Australian political system a good kick up the arts.
Lou definitely has my vote this Sydney Comedy Festival. Get your tickets!


Author: Sharon Quill

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