Heather Drew talks suicide

Heather DrewHeather Drew talks about suicide almost every day, in an effort to prevent it. Why? Because statistics show that every second day an Australian construction worker ends their life.

She is a Field Officer for Mates in Construction, the industry’s charity encouraging workers to talk to each other and be a mate.  I interviewed her for Small Builders blog last month on World Day for Safety and Health at Work

“A good indicator is a change in behaviour. Men are very proud in their work space. So, if someone becomes a little “slap happy” it could be a sign something else is going on. It might be more obvious; an easy going person for example suddenly becomes quite moody or withdrawn or even depressed.

Perhaps they might start drinking more or coming to work late, not appearing the way they used to”

Paper chain with blue sky background

Paper chain with blue sky background

Read more about Heather and the amazing work of Mates in Construction.



Author: Sharon Quill

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