Sydney’s Secret Pin Up Survey

I bumped into the movie remake of Arthur on telly last weekend.

Arthur-MOVIE-2I had to watch it. Skinny, well dressed, funny men in rom-coms are hard for me to resist and leading man Russell Brand fit that bill. The original Arthur starred one of my first funny man crushes, Dudley Moore. He and Dustin Hoffman ran a close race for quite some time.

Unfortunately, despite a great cast I’m sad to say I’ll never get that 107 minutes back (I watch everything to the end) but it did get me thinking about my friends and their types so I went to work on a ‘Secret Pin-Up’ Survey.

Scope: Approximately 40 women – Mostly from Sydney’s Eastern suburbs – Average age: 40

40 out of 40 

Happy to say 40 out of 40 of the women were delighted to answer my probing question. Many were suitably giggly and insisted I didn’t attach their name. So respectfully, here’s the juice, with the traditionally handsomest up front:

‘The Don’ (Draper of Mad Men) was mentioned a few times and Hugh Jackman also made more than one howl as Wolverine. Olivier Martinez, Alexander Skarsgard, and Brax from Home and Away  also made the survey, as did: Adam Levine, Topher Grace, Channing Tatum, Twilight’s Robert Pattinson and singer Chris Martin.

Leonard from the Big Bang Theory also got a thumbs up – no kidding.

Some lingered for yesteryear swagger with Jimmy Dean and Elvis, and a few ladies couldn’t go past their teen throbs – River Phoenix, Brat Packers, Swayze, Bon Jovi and that charming man, Morrissey.

Kerry O BrienThen Osama Bin Laden joined the list.

Osama Bin Laden, Kerry O’Brien, Malcolm Turnbull and Jeremy Clarkson. Four pin ups I was not expecting on the board.

Let’s get the Osama disclaimer out of the way first. There is nothing fundamentally religious about this talented foodie. She is simply a lover of olive skin, dark eyes and a beard who readily admitted “Look we wouldn’t have anything in common but he was a bit hot”.

The other political “hotbed” Malcolm Turnbull came from groupie who says she goes to jelly whenever she spies him in her hood.

arthur1981Kerry O’Brien’s admirer blushed as she relayed how she got to meet her crush. The woman, not usually short of professionalism or few words was introduced to Kerry O’ at an awards ceremony. “I couldn’t speak properly. I gushed. It was embarrassing”.

As for the Jeremy Clarkson fan she says she just really likes his voice.  Whelp it’s not something I can see – or hear –  but who am I to point the finger at another’s languishing?  I once loved Dudley and Hoffman.

Author: Sharon Quill

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