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carla and kids“As president of Surfing Mums Inc., I lead a talented committee of inspiring mums that give their time to help other mums all around the country to have an even richer mum experience – one that involves lots of surfing!

As an exponentially growing national organisation we face a lot of challenges to make sure our community is able to grow and thrive.  We partner with companies and organisations that share our vision like Global Surf Industries, Coastalwatch, Hive Swimwear, Rip Curl, 3D Fins and The Perfect Wave.

We also organise surf coaching, surf trips, weekends away and our AGM for all our members. Most of all we maintain a community that allows groups of mums and children all around the country to meet weekly and enjoy the ocean”.

What I love about Surfing Mums is that it gives women a safe and supportive environment to try something new, or get back into exercise they enjoy, without having to arrange alternative child care. Mums get to spend time in the ocean, time with their friends and time with their kids! I love watching mums return from their surf, building their confidence, taking on a challenge and returning with smiles on their faces!

surfing sistersFav. surf spot? “I love surfing at my local break of Maroubra. It consistently has waves and different surf options and often pushes my limits and challenges my surfing ability. In particular, I love the challenge that the reef brings where the water boils off the boulders as you surf around them. The takeoff is the scariest and most critical; so that every surf feels like a real achievement”.

retrowithlogoSurfing Mums is about getting mums back into the water when they have kids.

“To get this to happen we have set up a dynamic social network all over Australia that gives mums an opportunity to meet up, surf and have fun.  Our not-for-profit association supports a network of mums (and dads) and who meet at the beach or park to alternate childcare duties enabling parents to enjoy some time in the surf.  

We have a developed a “surf swap” system. Mums in the group partner up, so that while one mum stays to mind hers and another mum’s children, the other goes for a surf. And then they swap”.

Surfing Mums has 35 groups around the coast of Australia.

Want to know more? Check out President Carla Wilson on Channel Nine’s morning program or visit: 








Author: Sharon Quill

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