Meet Emma of Sydney Mum…and a Sydney Mum

Here I go about to jump in the deep end and see if I sink or swim…

Hello, my name is Emma, I am a Sydney mum of three gorgeous kids, and through my son I met the delightful Sharon Quill, Editor of Sydney Mum.

It was over the course of the 2016 soccer season, as we chatted while trying to keep warm and watching the boys play, I discovered the labor of love that is Sydney Mum.

As we got to know each other, Sharon shared her challenges of devoting equal amounts of time and energy to the various roles we wear as Sydney mums – you know the mothers/wives/daughters/sisters/individual roles –  with our careers and own yearnings. It got me thinking about other girlfriends…amazing, great women whom seem to have found their ‘calling’ or at least forged new identities, separate to the ‘roles’ I mentioned above. This then led me to where I was at which truth be told left me feeling a little insecure and even overwhelmed.

See, I am kind of coming to a crossroad. I’m nearing the end of my Masters Degree in Education yet I’m still a full-time mum. The last time I worked (work defined here as in an office for a salary) was in 2007 before becoming a first time mum. By the time December rolls around with my degree in hand, it will be a whole nine I have been out of the workforce.

And it’s been a worthwhile nine years staying at home, learning about motherhood, teaching life skills to my children and maintaining a home – all while trying to keep some sanity and parts of my brain dedicated to the things I want to do and be.

And then Sharon presented the opportunity to work on Sydney Mum…

To ‘dip my toe’ in the water of blogging…To explore my interest in the potential and impact new media technology has on people’s lives (good and bad). And I can’t wait to explore the meaning of my life in its current form, my sense of purpose outside motherhood and my future pathway.

I also want to look at issues and adventures that women are talking about and having, and I’m very much interested in the changes that are happening to the status quo of the world, particularly around society, immigrants and traditional dominant countries against emerging ones…So many ideas…Can you hear my excitement?

I went to see Michael Franti and Spearhead in concert a couple of weeks ago at the Metro, and he was amazing as always. He is such an awesome singer and performer but also an extremely learned man. At one point in the evening he was talking about the world in its current state and used a metaphor whereby he described “The world is a troubled teenager – trying to find their way”.  I thought that was a brilliant way of describing not only the world today but also to a degree my place in the world today including my sense of purpose – A purpose that I hope to discover through Sydney Mum.

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Author: Emma McEnery

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  1. ‘A troubled teenager … trying to find their way’ love it!

    I hope to believe that we all go though this moments of doubt, hesitation, or even hopelessness. Times when things seem impossible to read or grasp.

    Yet, one day down track we suddenly realise it is all sorted. ‘Gee I had forgotten about that issue! And to think that it was such a big deal back then!’ we could be caught saying. That’s the beauty of life: things always work out.

    And I love how a place like this blog gives us all acces to a way of expressing ourselves, issues, and concerns, and in doing so, of supporting one another across ages, locations, times and walks of life.

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    • Thank you Zoe for taking the time to express your thoughts. Through posts and blogs I hope to start conversations like this.

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