What’s not to love about the #PureLove Campaign

Did you know 49% of new mums lose their confidence after birth? Dad’s on the other hand increases to 63%? I did not until Sydney Mum met Lois Wattis, author of New Baby 101, A Midwife’s Guide for New Parents, a Registered Nurse/Midwife, International Board Certified Lactation Consultant and Fellow of the Australian College of Midwives.Lois Wattis

Lois is the spokesperson of WaterWipes #PureLove Campaign in Australia, a campaign and film aiming to boost the confidence of new mums by showing them how amazing their bodies are.

The film captures the science behind ‘skin to skin’ contact between baby and mum and the enormous benefits it has on regulating baby’s breathing, heart rate, oxygen levels and temperature. The mother and baby synchronise and regulate each other’s biology when skin to skin contact occurs.

The film is beautiful to watch and very emotional even though my Littlest Miss Sydney is now 3, it brought back the memories of holding each of them for the first time, how time stood still when I looked into their eyes and their absolute perfection. It showcases the experience of 3 new mums and their skin to skin contact with their baby.

Watch it here:

What is incredible to see (and my nerdy side comes out here) is the use of heart rate, oxygen and breathing monitors, the body temperatures of both mother and baby are shown with infrared technology. It is really quite mind-blowing.


Lois was generous in sharing her extensive knowledge about the role she plays in the lives of new parents – particularly those first weeks/months/year of motherhood. She says ‘the skin on a newborn baby is extremely delicate and sensitive. Skin to skin contact has benefits including helping reduce stress, supporting sleep, aiding their adaptation to the world and boosting mental development’.

Her book and App (answering a FAQ from each chapter) came about when her first grandson was born. Her daughter was living in Melbourne and Lois ‘got a phone call asking for help. I could sense she was lost so I guided her through it’. The result – her daughter told her she should write a book, what to put in it, what questions to answer and simultaneously launch the App and e-Book.

When asked about any trends among new mothers, Lois says a hot topic is self-diagnosis. An example – the ‘tongue tie’, where the thin piece of skin that joins the underside of a baby’s tongue to the lower jaw is abnormally short. She says ‘it is a real but rare complication that can create issues with breastfeeding. But concerning is the procedure to ‘fix’ it has tripled in NSW in the past five years’.


WaterWipes contacted Lois after she randomly discovered the product and loved it. WaterWipes are made up of 2 ingredients: 99.9% purified water and 0.1% grapefruit extract. Sydney Mum got some samples and they are great!

Image courtesy of WaterWipes

Image courtesy of WaterWipes

The campign  is encouraging parents to share their reactions to the film and their personal experiences of skin to skin on social media using #PureLove.

Go on, do it! Every mums journey should be celebrated

Author: Emma McEnery

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