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“I started my dance studio after returning from the Commonwealth Games as a member of the swim team in 1986. I had given up school in year 11 due to being away on tour for 81 days that year so when I came back I pretty much had nothing, except dance.

My one condition as an elite swimmer was that I was to be able to continue with dancing, which my coach enabled, and as a result I came home a qualified dance teacher.

So it fell into place and Celina Hardy’s Studio of Dance was born. We started with five kids and over the past 30 years have had some “memorable” venues to say the least. For a time we had 120 plus kids in attendance, along with our own. Fellow teachers Kris, Sian and I have been lucky enough to be able to bring all of our babies to the dance floor which is now entrenched in all of them.

In 30 years, we have never had a child fail an exam and the studio has produced many FATD and ADA Award champions across the three genres of tap, jazz, and ballet.

But it’s not about the champions. It’s about family, enriching lives and hopefully having a positive influence on the humans they become”.

Celina Basalo has been running her successful dance studio, Dazzlers for Dance, for 30 years, she’s still a strong swimmer, and last year she proudly completed her HSC.

Interested in dance?

Dazzlers for Dance offer a great range of lessons that cater to all ages and levels, and include optional exams and competitions. The studio has five Australasian Dancers Association (ADA) qualified teachers with over 60 years teaching experience between them.

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Author: Sharon Quill

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