Valentine’s Day

I’m trying to figure out why I still love Valentine’s Day so much? I’m definitely a super hopeless romantic but there’s more to it than that. It’s about memories. About firsts. First crush, first date, first love.

I remember the anticipation and the butterflies just as much the disasters that make me laugh out loud now. It’s also about seconds, thirds and lots mores. I love the atmosphere and the excitement. For couples just starting out it could be the day to take things further, for others who haven’t got that far it could be the first declaration, or for those like me who have been with my husband for 20 years, it’s just a bit of fun.

We always make an effort to do something. Lately it’s been a stroll along the beach or re-shaping store bought ravioli into heart shapes. On that note – why don’t they make heart-shaped ravioli in Australia anyway? It’s such a great idea! But what I really love the most is to go out and get amongst it.

A dinner out always guarantees great people watching. I love to see the young couples who might be on their first date. So shy and polite with each other. The ones like us who are hopeless romantics and just like to be part of it. The couples that are all over each other and can’t wait to finish their meal and get out of there. The guys and girls on their best behaviour who have gone all out and have high hopes for the evening’s adventures. Those who are just friends and maybe wanting to be more. The marriage proposals. Or sometimes just groups of single friends flirting and having a laugh at it all. Who knows if any of these scenarios are true, I just find it so intoxicating celebrating life and love in our beautiful city on a hot Summer’s night.

The best thing about Valentine’s day however is the simple stuff. TV dinner at home with the kids watching a classic romantic comedy. Putting lipstick on for the day if you don’t normally wear it. Or wearing your fave red lippy if you do. Maybe wearing your sexy undies. Or at least undies that are still new. Or new-ish. Indulging yourself. Using that bath bomb or body scrub you were given for Christmas. Lighting a candle for dinner. Buying heart shaped ravioli if you can find it? Ideas person! Going to your special place like the park or the beach. Checking out the sunrise or sunset. Belting out love ballads with a glass of wine in hand. Picking a flower from your garden or the neighbour’s garden to give to your kids when they get home from school. Or packing a special treat in their lunchboxes.

It’s the small things. That’s the romance. The fun in celebrating love. That’s why I still love Valentine’s Day. It’s another one of those reminders in life to stop and smell the roses.

Author: Alysia Samperi

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