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“When the gardener plants an apple seed, does he expect the apples to appear at once? Of course not. The gardener waters the seed, watches it each day, and feels happy seeing the growth. Treat the body in the same way. We water our asana and pranayama with love and joy seeing the small progress. While we know what our goal is, we do not focus on enlightenment. We know that when our practice is ripe, illumination comes.”  ~ B.K.S. Iyenga

This quote by B.K.S Iyenga embodies everything yoga represents for me ever since I had my first yoga experience about 30 years ago in Miami. As you can imagine, practices have changed a lot since then – things have stayed, others have come and gone with popularity but it was an experience that has never left me. One with the feeling there was so much more to experience, discover, and benefit from.

However, as it can often happen, I got ‘side-tracked’ with discovering the world – working, marriage, raising 2 lovely daughters – that I only got back into practicing yoga about 9 years ago. Ever since my passion has increased and improved steadily.

With only one class a week to start with, I already felt the physical and mental benefits – I felt more limber and stronger, calmer and less prone to anger, better equipped to cope with the demands of raising children…Over the years I pushed it to 6 classes a week finally deciding to pursue a yoga teaching training course with no intention of teaching whatsoever.

Yet the more I learnt the more I wanted to share my knowledge and help people improve their lives with yoga the same way it has helped and helps me physically, emotionally, and psychologically.

Contributing to Sydney Mum is an incredible opportunity to reach out to all the super busy mums and women out there. I’m looking forward to sharing tips, insights, articles and mini sequences that you can easily do at home, or wherever you are that may help you discover the benefits of yoga in your daily life.

Stay tuned for the next posts!

Caroline Bakerman

Mum and yoga enthusiast

M: 0432 260 356 to get in touch with me


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