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Sydney Mum has always been about the amazing women. Particularly ones who are quietly getting on with their brilliant stuff.  We’ve had the pleasure of introducing so many fascinating women through this site so in the continuing celebration of women, beyond International Women’s Day, we’ve created a superstar gallery. From artists, authors, and scientists to fashion designers, medieval maidens, and women who are making our world a much better place to be in – for us and our children.

I know it’s cliché to say motherhood is: transformational/hard/interesting/fun/tiresome/extradordinary/confusing/empowering [insert all the other words that fit], but it is. It is also important to support one another as we leap from one age milestone to the next because in so many ways we are all in this together.

Here are some of our favourite Sydneymum motherhood quotes.

“…Ah family life. I love being a mother. It is my foundation that brings me love and joy and deep satisfaction. But it can really get in the way of a good day’s work”

“They make me laugh. They’re fun and smart, and sporty and artistic, and cheeky which makes motherhood a delight. I’m actually lucky enough to also be a stepmother to a 19 year old boy who has just been travelling the world and will hopefully be visiting us very soon. Having two types of motherhood to explore has been a great discovery.

“Looking at my sleeping children.  Truly, it’s the best.  I think it’s an essential thing to do as children look so angelic when sleeping and you can feel all emotional and loving.  This builds up the love tank for when they are being obstreperous by day”.

“I’m really glad I got to have a go at motherhood, I’d have been so distressed not to. But I am sure I will be a MUCH better granny than a mum”.

“If I could offer one time management tip it would be to ask for help when you need it! I quickly recognised I couldn’t do everything on my own, and that in order to do all the things I am passionate about I need the help of others”.

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Author: Sharon Quill

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