Double Denim

I love denim. To the point of worship even. But far out double denim is like fashion nirvana. Totally off the scale cool, fun and sexy. Taking a style staple like denim and then doubling it is pure genius. All or nothing. A sure bet. Denim on Denim. My absolute all time favourite look and possible racing horse name?

My obsession with denim started when I was 7 years old. We didn’t have much money. Mum was a single mum just getting by, but when she had a little extra money every now and then she would shop for new clothes for my younger brother and I. We’d come home from school to find our beds covered in new clothes. I can admit now, without feeling too much guilt, that I very rarely liked the clothes. But my mum’s pleasure and excitement was just so beautiful that I couldn’t break her heart so I’d always tell her how much I loved them with gut-wrenching guilt. Then one life changing day, the latest denim drop from Best and Less landed on my bed. It was denim heaven. Denim flare jeans with the crease down the front, a long A-Line denim skirt with antique buttons all the way up the front, a pencil style denim skirt and a western style denim shirt and I’ve been totally in love with denim ever since.

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I’ve done it all. From flares to bubblegum jeans, ripped annihilated jeans, denim skirts with cowboy boots, ra-ra skirts, overalls, jackets and bags. For my first ever concert to see Cyndi Lauper at the Entertainment Centre I was wearing a denim dress with shoulder pads, a belted waist and a ruffle style skirt. Then there were the famous Levi’s 501s which took denim status to a whole new level with the emergence of American and then Australian cult denim brands. And it’s been that way ever since.

Now, thank goodness, double denim is making a comeback. For me it never really went away and I like to rock the look whenever I can with a pair of faded blue denim jeans and a denim shirt. It’s just so easy to pull off. The secret is loving your denim jeans and everything falls into place after that. Boyfriend jeans are great for this look with sneakers. My current swoon is a pair of mustard suede Adidas Gazelles. Or for a low-key evening look team with heels and a chunky Amaleia agate necklace and a Karmme leather clutch.

Super comfy jeans are essential for the look and my current stable includes AG Adriano Goldschmeid 18 year faded blue ankle leggings, some Decjuba slouchy jeans and Zara ripped boyfriend jeans. Thinking a pair of 70s bell-bottoms will be a new addition shortly. Shirts are easier to find but the cut is just as important as it is for jeans and some awesome ones I’ve found are from One Teaspoon, A-Brand, Top Shop, Just Jeans and Cotton-On. There’s no need to stop with jeans and shirts though. Skirts and tops. Shorts and shirts. Dresses. Overalls. Just go denim crazy. And remember that colours don’t need to match but if they do then super cool.

My 11 year old daughter will love reading this. She is in love with the double denim look too. And wow she rocks it!! But more than that, she will learn things about me that I may not have told her. Things that I’m only now remembering through this very cathartic writing experience. Remembering the new clothes from my mum even in hard times. It brings tears to my eyes as I write. The power of double denim!!

Author: Alysia Samperi

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