Elsewhere by Wendy Loefler

Picture this: a 26 meter by 1.2-meter wraparound drawing of the Great Sandy Desert in Western Australia. It’s what you will find at Wendy Loefler’s upcoming show at Australian Galleries in Melbourne this month.

This immersive experience is set on 12 canvases of charcoal and pastel, and is based on multiple expeditions by the artist through the remote wilderness area. This masterpiece is the result of two years work from her studio in Alexandria capturing the 100’s of red sand dunes, wonderful plant life, far horizons, and peace and quiet.

Wendy Loefler is a visual artist whose drawing and painting practice is landscape based. With a particular interest in wilderness, Wendy loves to explore both the vast scale and the intricate detail of the arid regions of Australia. Using material from her annual research expeditions into the outback she develops large, detailed charcoal drawings in the studio.

If you’re heading down south soon you can explore Wendy’s Great Sandy Desert thought her exhibition “Elsewhere”

Australian Galleries

MELBOURNE, 16 MAY 2017 — 4 JUNE 2017




Author: Sharon Quill

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