First aid tips and advice with Nexcare

Diana Cornall, Nexcare’s Senior Brand Manager, gives us some tips and advice on how to fix our kids bumps and bruises.

  1. What are the basic tools that should be in an ‘essential first aid pack’ when out and about on family outings?

If you think about what needs to be used when one of the kid’s falls and grazes themselves, for example, CLEAN, DRY, APPLY – you need to clean the wound, dry the site and apply the protection (e.g. Nexcare™ Animal Print Waterproof Bandages). A blister product may also be a handy addition to your first aid pack. Nexcare Blister Waterproof Bandage would be perfect for sore rubbing spots, intact or broken blisters. The pad in the bandage will absorb excess fluid. It has a cushioning effect also.

  1. What are some first aid steps to follow when treating cuts/grazes/scratches?


When skin has been broken in the event of a graze, cut or burn it is important to get the wound clean. After a wound has been cleaned, it can be tricky to stick a bandage or strip if the surrounding skin is damp so make sure the skin that the bandage is adhering to is dry. Then apply the strip (containing a non-stick absorbent pad which sits directly on the wound). You can also staunch the tears by making the application of the Animal Print strip fun!

  1. Are there any ‘myth busters’ i.e. do parents do things they shouldn’t do – urban myths surrounding first aid?

The main myth surrounding first aid is the old belief that you let a wound dry out and scab. Wounds heal faster if you maintain an optimal wound healing environment. Nexcare Waterproof Bandages, under a 360-degree seal provide the right healing environment by protecting the new skin forming and protecting from external germs and dirt. If infection is suspected (redness, warmth, pus exudate, smell) see your local health care professional as soon as possible.

  1. How can children help their families?

Hmmm – not falling over? This is not realistic if kids are going to run around and have fun. With the Nexcare Animal Print Waterproof Bandages kids can be brave with their animal print on – Strong like a Tiger, Smart like a Giraffe and Waterproof like a Croc.

  1. Any other comments you feel are important for families to know?

Pharmacy staff are there to help you and give advice. Please ask them for assistance, as wound care can be complex and confusing. There are a lot of products out there for different purposes. Ask your friendly Pharmacy Staff and they will be happy to help you. Nexcare Brand products are available in most leading pharmacies.

  • Essential First Aid Pack:
    • Clean water and/or antiseptic wipes
    • Tissues to dry area and blot up any bleeding
    • Bandage strips to cover the wound or blisterfirstaidbandanges

*Use as directed. Consult a physician if there are signs of infection such as fever, pain, redness, swelling, itching, rash or burning.



Author: Emma McEnery

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