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When Natasha of Wholey Foods worked at Coke and Kellogg’s in marketing she wasn’t conscious of the food she was eating; then she started feeding a family.

“I guess like many mums when I had a family I reconsidered my priorities around food. Suddenly, I wanted to do what was best and it took me on this whole journey of looking at what we were eating. I started looking closely at ingredients and nutrition panels. I wanted to understand what right foods really were and how to fit them into a crazy, hectic family life”.

wholeyfoodsydneymumWholey Foods Breakfast Smoothies was born out of a passion for wanting to nourish a family of five a little better.

“It’s a new business so, of course, it’s busy, but I am grateful for the flexibility and control I have of my work. I wear multiple hats every day. My marketing hat is on all the time, but I am also producing, sourcing ingredients, forecasting, managing time, coordinating suppliers, and generally making sure everything’s running smoothly at the factory.

We only launched March last year so it will take time for people to know about it, try it, and for it to be sustainable. Even so, I have been quite surprised of the broad appeal. We supply in cities where you expect more health trends but then in a lot of rural areas too.

The smoothies are definitely popular with multitasking mums and fussy eaters who are less inclined to have a healthy breakfast. People who don’t have time for breakfast or just don’t want to eat early like them because they can take them for work. It’s also a popular second breakfast or snack after training, and there’s been quite a take up with older people who are less inclined to spend time preparing food”.

People are trying to make steps towards a healthier version of themselves.

whoelyfoodsydneymum“I think on the whole breakfast products are improving and sellers are supporting it; certainly Coles and Woollies are promoting and stocking healthier options. And thanks to media and personalities like Jamie Oliver and Sarah Wilson as well as bodies like the CSIRO, people are more conscious about sugar. They aware it is now a problem and are looking for better products.

It’s showing in the supermarkets. If you look at sales across the board the high sugar items have declined substantially year after year. People are actively looking for products made of foods they recognise – not strange numbers and things they don’t know what they are”.

Wholey Foods Breakfast Smoothies come in a powder form and can be mixed with milk or whatever liquid works.

They come in two flavours, vanilla and cocoa, have no added sugar, and there is nothing artificial in the ingredient list.

“I really hope I can help people make one step in their lives to be a healthier”.

Author: Sharon Quill

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