Vale Tara Hunt

Our world lost an extraordinary human being last weekend.

Tara Hunt was a smart, kind, passionate woman who cared deeply about people and our planet. Those of us who knew her are heartbroken and left wondering how… why…

why can’t it be the shitty people who are taken away?

Of all the people. There’s just no explaining it.

As I sniffle through this morning with sadness and a cold I reminded myself to be grateful I have a cold. That I have my life and my kids, and my husband, beautiful friends and this community. I have wonderful clients and work that I love. I have a dog at my feet and the world if I choose it.

It’s a world I can be good in and for, and in every moment I get to choose to do that, as Tara had.

Tara cared about our world and our children and the world they will be living in. So strongly did she care about this that, among the many causes she supported, she was  Co-CEO of 1 Million Women.

Below is a podcast interview I did with her a few years ago when she was in that role. She was always so generous with her time.

And, here is something else she shared that I have read so many times this week: The #NOREGRETS Philosophy

It will also give you an insight into the remarkable woman her beautiful family, friends, colleagues, and our world has lost.

Vale Tara.

I promise to do my best to make every moment count.





Author: Sharon Quill

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