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For those of you who know me well, I love keeping informed of emerging home trends that are here to stay for a little while…

One of the fun parts of having always been immersed in colour and design is checking out what’s happening in Milan and having the opportunity to forecast future trends. I love learning about the contextual relationships surrounding home trends. Why are they happening? Why the change?

Right now one of the biggest influences on home trends in our culture is the craving of nurturing and regenerative spaces, so we can feel soft and human and organic in a world of screens and machines.

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Photo Oliver Bonas

In the field of interior and colour design, it’s important to stay on top of things as far as trends go. Knowing which trends will come and go very quickly (1-2 years) and which trends will stick around a bit longer (10 years) and become a style in their own right.

Take the Scandinavian trend for instance. It has done just that and become a style with entire homes featuring this look or at least have a nod to it. When the early adapters first started doing this trend around 12 years ago it was hard to find products or pieces of furniture anywhere other than in our parents or grandparents homes or on eBay. Then high-end retailers started doing it, and now it’s been replicated everywhere – even at Kmart! Now it has morphed into a more sophisticated and glamorous pure Mid-Century Modern look, heavily influenced by some major trends out of Milan including brass, texture, LED lighting and colour.

No more rose-gold or copper, brass is the current metal of choice and it’s here to stay for a while longer yet. It has a subtle beauty that adds elegance to any environment. Lending itself to soft, organic shapes almost to the point where you forget that it’s a hard surface.

milan lifestyle trend

Photo Kelly Wearstler Residential

Texture, texture and more texture. This trend has also been at the forefront for a few years but is now becoming more sophisticated as textures move from rustic and chunky feels to the sleeker and smoother vibes of velvets and silks. Texture in the form of pattern is high on the agenda too with Vienna Straw (aka woven rattan, cane or wicker) making a huge comeback. Tiles and internal brickwork are also fabulous pattern makers. Marble, concrete and timber on timber on timber are staples of current trends that will still be relevant for a while to come.

milan lifetstyle trend

Photo via Fabrizzio Librizzi

milan lifetsyle trend

Photo Le Pan banquette Pierry Frey

LED lighting is really the single biggest change to the lighting industry since neon. Imagination is the only limitation and LED bulbs last for years. What we’ve seen out of Milan this year is more experience based LED lighting installations where drama or playfulness are at the forefront. Taking lighting into the realms of Immersive Art. Portable Lamps are also big on the agenda.

milan lifestyle trend

Photo via Archilovers

And last but certainly not least is colour. My favourite! Sensual colours combine with smoother and sleeker textures to create more subdued palettes. No more high-contrasting black and white monochrome. Think yummy colours. Soft or rich and very, very beautiful.

milan lifestyle trend

Photo via Pinterest

So there it is. A few of the major trends out of Milan this year that will continue to make their way into our homes and hearts over the next few years. It seems we’ve become a little playful and a lot sentimental in our quest for nurturing and regenerative spaces away from screens and machines. Bring it on I say. Hailing back to the seemingly simpler mid-century times we’re loving the touch of glamour and sophistication that makes everyday rituals that little bit spesh. Did someone say Bar Cart?!!

Author: Alysia Samperi

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